Our eco-responsibility approach

Originally, the Camping de Pors Ar Vag was a farm campsite, which our farmer parents created to open up to another activity, by the sea. We have naturally and unconsciously always participated in the preservation of the ecosystem around us. Involved in a sustainable development approach, the objective is also to offer you a pleasant stay in a natural and preserved setting.

Selective sorting

Our campsite is equipped with bins for daily waste. We have also installed bins for selective sorting: a bin reserved for glass and a yellow bin for plastics, cardboard, newspapers, food packaging and other empty yogurt pots… Coupled with the circuit linked to compost, the volume of our household waste personal is thus reduced. Less waste, better sorted, that’s good news for the planet!



Since the 2023 season, we have provided you with two composting stations designed by a Breton integration company. Our bins are greedy. Our compost particularly likes to get rid of all your vegetable and fruit peelings, leftovers from your meals, coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells and crushed seafood, your green waste…And in smaller quantities of your leftover meat, fish or your wood ashes. It lightens your trash can and it’s good for nature’s cycle. For more information, do not hesitate to consult the guide published by our partner.


Mulching, or mulching in English, is the act of cutting the grass into small pieces and leaving it in place. It is economical and ecological. This mowing method allows us to save a lot of time: no round trips to empty the cut grass, no turbine to vacuum and super-powerful and energy-hungry mower… So it’s less gasoline consumed and rejected in gas. The shredded grass becomes green manure for the soil.