Located 5km from the campsite, the town of Plomodiern and its surroundings offers you all the services for a successful holiday: shops, supermarket, restaurants, services… In the town, you can visit its many chapels and churches including that of Ste Marie du Menez-Hom or the Saint-Corentin Chapel, a stone’s throw from the campsite. From the summit of Menez-Hom, culminating at 333m, you will discover a breathtaking view of the Bay of Douarnenez. The Bay, whose charms you will enjoy, during pleasant hikes from the Pors Ar Vag campsite. Many activities punctuate the summer in Plomodiern and in particular the Ménez-Hom Festival during the week of August 15th. On the program: fest-noz, regional events, concerts and folklore parade.

Small city of character, Locronan is a small village which has kept all its authenticity of yesteryear. Located 10 minutes from the campsite, this former place of pagan worship has retained all the charm of a village over which floats a deep religious feeling. You will visit its church there, discover the legend of Saint-Ronan, the trade of the many local artisans, its star market… Every six years, one of the largest processions in Brittany, 12 km long, is held at Locronan: the Grande Troménie which will take place in 2019. Locronan, which housed a flourishing web industry, was elected one of the most beautiful villages in France, it has also been the location for the filming of many films such as “A long Sunday in engagement” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet in 2003.

Crozon-Morgat is a small seaside resort in the Pays du Menez-Hom Atlantique, 20km from Plomodiern. On the peninsula and its small towns, you will discover magnificent natural spaces such as the Pointe du Guern, the Cap de la Chèvre or the Tas de Pois. Camaret, a stone’s throw away, is also home to the second megalithic site in Brittany.

A small town located about fifteen kilometers from Plomodiern, Châteaulin is mainly known for its Aulne river, also called the “Nantes to Brest canal” which is 385km long. You can visit there in particular the Chapelle Notre Dame dating from the 18th century which overlooks the valley of the Aulne as well as the fish pass which is a field of vision allowing the observation of salmon.

At 20km from the campsite, Douarnenez is a small fishing port, famous for its port-museum, Port-Rhu and its boat museum. You can also attend the auction on the fishing port. Very close, you will also reach the Pointe du Raz, one of the most famous places in Brittany.

City of the arts, your stop in Quimper will take you to the famous Henriot faience factory, known for its Breton bowl marked with a first name. After a short cruise on the Odet, you can visit, in the heart of Quimper, the St Corentin cathedral, the Fine Arts museum and the Breton museum.

For day trips, don’t miss, from the Pors Ar Vag campsite, Océanopolis, the sea and ocean aquarium in Brest, the islands that dot our coasts such as Ouessant, Sein or the Glénans or even the seaside resorts in southern Finistère.

Finistère, like Brittany, is known for its musical events and feasts: Les Vieilles Charrues, the Festival du Bout du Monde, the Interceltic Festival of Lorient or the Maritime Festivals of Brest and Douarnenez.